Do you know what it's like to jump up on the moon's surface? Have you ever seen yourself in infrared light? Have you ever driven a cart on Mars? If you want to try all this and more, then visit our Experimentarium.

Experimentarium is one of our most distinctive and attractive news. It consists of interactive exhibits designed for playful exploration of natural laws and events that are found almost all over the building, including previously inaccessible rooms.

Follow the stars

The Exposition To the Stars presents visitors with fascinating objects of the universe and also events that change the appearance of stars, galaxies, and gigantic structures created by both shining and dark matter. Part of the exposition is dedicated to planetary systems that arise in the universe abundantly with maternal stars.








To the depths of the Earth

Exposition To the depths of the earth through interactive exhibits offers closer knowledge of seismic phenomena, geological processes taking place in the Earth's crust and methods of a relatively new science known as geoinformatics. In this section, you can also explore the exploration of Mars and test the robotic reconnaissance model.








Behind the light

Beyond Light offers experiments to identify the properties of light and other types of radiation that bring most information about the near and far universe.









In orbit

The orbit is the name of the exhibition, which deals with manned and unmanned space flights.










To the planets

If you visit the To Planet Exposition, you will find many interesting things about the planets in the Solar System and the distant stars.