About us

Budova Planetária Ostrava

The Planetarium Ostrava was first opened in 1980 and its current form was undergoing extensive reconstruction in 2012-2014. At present, it offers both small and large visitors a space experience in the Planetarium Hall or the telescope, as well as playing interactive exhibits.

It is part of the Faculty of Mining and Geology of VŠB-TUO.

The main attraction are shows in the Planetarium dome with spherical projection and the digital simulator of the universe. Here are spherical films that predominantly popularize space, cosmos, and other natural sciences. There is also a musical performance with both recorded and live music.

On the real universe, visitors to Planetarium Ostrava can take a look through astronomical telescopes at regular public observations or watching special phenomena such as the eclipse of the Sun and the Moon.

The cinema features film screenings on the classical screen, as well as popularizing lectures for more serious scholars interested in science.

Last but not least, visitors can play with dozens of interactive exhibits in the Experimentary.

The Mira Gallery is also located in the planetarium building. It is a relatively spacious room where artwork, photographs and various educational materials are exhibited.

The Planetarium Ostrava program is designed for kindergarden, primary and secondary schools and the general public.